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  • Regularly report on administrative activities and association matters
  • Organize, maintain and up- date owners records and relevant data
  • Attend, assist and participate in Board and Annual Meetings
  • Prepare meeting materials, agendas, financial reports, and owner reports
  • Assist in the development and enforcement of Rules and Regulations
  • Foster the establishing of ad hoc and/or ongoing committees
  • Attend to Board and association related correspondence
  • Participate in special projects, via the Board’s requests
  • Monthly mailings or daily emails to the Board regarding business matters
  • Maintain a 24 hour emergency hotline for association members.
  • Maintain open and closed work order reports, detailing repairs needed and completed for the association.
  • Regularly inspect the property for risk management.
  • Maintain owner relations.
  • Assist with and prepare documents for owners selling or re-financing.
  • Meet with new owners to insure the understanding of the associations governing documents.



  • Attend to the Associations normal and regular repairs and all of their maintenance matters.
  • Attend to and schedule all of the Associations preventative maintenance needs, gutter cleaning, roof assessments, dryer vent cleaning, rodding of the catch basins, etc.
  • Research and negotiate for services at the Boards request.
  • Maintain current contracts for the Association.
  • Communicate with contractors and vendors on the Boards behalf.
  • Meet with contractors for special projects.
  • Regular inspections of the Associations property.



  • Attend to the Associations financial obligations to contractors and vendors.
  • Submit monthly receipts and disbursement reports.
  • Provide yearly Budget Comparisons.
  • Maintain Association’s banking accounts.
  • Monthly reconciliation of operating accounts.
  • Collection and depositing of monthly and/or special assessments.
  • Submit monthly assessment, collection, deposit, delinquency, rental and foreclosure reports to the Board Members.
  • Prepare annual receipts and disbursements reports to be submitted to the Board and Membership every February.
  • Prepare an estimated annual budget for the Board Members review and approval.
  • Insure the State and Federal tax matters are promptly reported.
  • Monthly preparation and mailing of delinquency notices.
  • Monitoring the Associations insurance policy
  • Expense control – financial budgeting.
  • Recommendations for Reserve accounts.
  • Review and verify all expenses and invoices.
  • Pay all Association’s invoices and expenses when approved by the Board Members.



  • Negotiate contracts on the Association’s behalf.
  • Provide comparable bids for special projects (3) for the Boards review.
  • Meet with prospective contractors for the Association.
  • Monitor vendors and contractor’s scheduled work and repairs.
  • Schedule and maintain preventative maintenance matters for the Association.
  • Attend to normal and regular maintenance matters and documentation of the repairs.
  • Frequent inspections with Board Members of the property including Spring and Fall.



  • Online payment options.
  • Maintenance and Accounting requests forms.
  • Email correspondence for all members.
  • PDF files of Association’s governing documents.
  • Hosting and/or assisting with Association website.



  • Classic Community Management offers wellness checks on owners, in which the family members or friends of our communities may be concerned about. Whether it be during the cold winter month, recovering from an illness, or maybe just because.
  • For no additional cost to the Association or owners our office will contact the owner we are concerned about weekly, monthly or if need be daily, just to check on dear loved ones.
  • Sometimes peace of mind is all we need to go about our daily lives, let us help you achieve this. At Classic Community Management we recognize how important this is and also care about the wellbeing of each owner.


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